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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

1. How my contact information will be used by you?

For the following purposes we will use the Customer's contact information: 

i. Products and Services Update: 
For forwarding new products and services updates well will be using the customers and recipients email address. 

ii. Festival and Other Promotions: 
We will be using the customers and recipients email address for Festival and other Promotions.

iii. Market Analysis 
Information of customer's choice of gifts and country of the recipients, are used to identify markets that need our services. 

iv. Channel for Communicating Purchase and Delivery Status 
Customer’s email is used as a channel for communication for purchase and delivery status.

2. Do you store the credit card information that is collected?

All your credit card information will be collected and secured by the credit card pay-ment gateway directly in most secured way. We do not collect and store any kind of credit card information. While purchasing, you will enter your card information di-rectly into the form provided by the credit card payment gateway and we do not get any idea of the credit card information of your transaction.

3. How the contact information is handled by us which was entered during the purchasing process? 

All customers’ contact information, choice of bouquets, and delivery date entered at the time of placing the order is stored in the database and printouts for record purpose are kept secured.