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Top 10 tips for preventing household hazardous waste
Knowledge is power - learn more about ingredients and labels on everyday home and garden products - don't be misled by labeling, ask the retailer for advice when choosing alternatives. Check out alternative environmental products to those you would normally buy especially for cleaning, decorating, gardening and personal products. Don't be hasty - use up all the existing hazardous products you have - dispose of the residue and packaging carefully at your local Civic Amenity ..
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Personal hygiene and beauty products
Many beauty and personal hygiene products have an impact on the environment as they contain ingredients that are extremely hazardous and depending on the product’s packaging (such as aerosols) the disposal of left over product or the empty packaging can also cause concern and place these products in the hazardous waste category. Looking at the ingredients list on beauty and hygiene products will give a clear indication of the range of hazardous materials it contains. Examples include dibutyl ..
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